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What awards have we won for our films? Take a look below!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

By request, here are some of the film festival awards and screening laurels of WE, THE VOYAGERS: OUR VAKA and WE, THE VOYAGERS: OUR MOANA.


Taumako crew of Lata! There are a few more films festivals that will screen these two films. The extra good news is that the Holau Vaka Taumako Association seeks support to start making a film independently.

We are so grateful to the international arts professionals who donated endless hours and brilliant work to make completion of these films possible! These include editors Serge Marcil / 4D Media, and Jacob Penchansky, videography/filmmaking trainers Jacob Penchansky and Wade Fairley, and animations wizard Daniel Jackson. The amazing seagoing and incredibly generous support by owners and crew of the S.V. Gershon II, the Dona Catharina, and various vessels of the Hepworth family of Pidgin Island Resort, Temotu. Well, you can see many more names on the film credits. But this is to highlight that the crew of Lata is really worldwide in support of efforts by Noa Taumako to educate youth in the practice ancestral voyaging knowledge.

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