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Vaka Taumako Project made Two documentary films, two trailers, and two short Films

We, the Voyagers: Lataʻs Children is a two part Film Series that aims to create part three. The first 2 parts were completed in May, 2020.  In April, 2021 slightly shorter versions were completed for airing on PBS Hawaii.

Part 1:

We, the Voyagers: Our Vaka

Part 2:

We, the Voyagers: Our Moana

We are fundraising for Taumako film students to lead in making Part 3 during 2022- 2023.

Below is the 2020 trailer for the We, the Voyagers film series.  

To see both 57 minute films on Vimeo, click on links in upper right corner.

Below is our 1999 Short video:

The First Voyage

Below is our 2014 Trailer for We, the Voyagers film series:

We, the Voyagers: Lataʻs Children 

Below is our 1999 fundraising video. Unfortunately some culturally uneducated person,  or machine, at Youtube decided that the dance attire of Taumakoan women can only  be viewed by adults.  :

The Heirs of Lata

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