Aug 2020 - AUG 2022

1. Vaka Valo Association Members Meeting at Taumako is scheduled for September, 2020  (depends on weather). Because of a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, 2 class 5 cyclones, and lack of travel funding and  communications between Honiara-based Taumakoans and Taumako residents, this meeting was delayed for 5  years. Honiara-based directors will go to Taumako, and decisions about programs and planning will be made.  Priority programs are listed below. 

2. Construction of an all-season support, transport, and emergency vessel began in June, 2020. We are now fundraising to outfit it and pass safety inspections in March, 2022. An escort vessel is legally required for student voyages of the TePuke. The 38ʻ vessel under construction is a proa design. Pacific Traditions Society (PTS) has engaged the builder, Oceans People, LLC, of Hawaiʻi Island. The proa will accommodate 3 crew and 12 passengers OR freeze a ton of fish. Selling fish and providing transport and emergency  services will support educational programs of Vaka Valo Association.

3. Fundraise for student sea-training and voyages to extend the inter-island range for training voyages and  accommodate more student crew members.  Costs include rations for workers and school fees for workers’ children,  so that parents can work on the canoe.

4. Repair or rebuild TePuke or TeAlo Lili to replace the TePuke damaged by ants and a 2020 cyclone at Vanikoro.  Constructing either vessel will take at least 18 months, and will likely require some collaborations  between communities of Taumako and Vanikoro and/or Utupua, where there are big trees and young people want  to learn to build a vaka.  

5. Fundraise to build a permanently-roofed canoe house (Halevaka) at Taumako. This structure is urgently  needed: to shelter and maintain canoes, to accommodate students and visitors of Lata Cultural Voyaging School, to safely archive voyaging library books, video equipment & editing lab, cultural resource materials, solar and WIFI communications center office equipment, tools and supplies.

6. Fundraise to install a solar/wind power system and a donated Kacific Sat-dish to support internet communications, laptops, video equipment, and solar lighting. Communications must be established with the outside from Vaka Valo  Association so that they can welcome and  accommodate voyaging students and visitors interested in ancient  voyaging knowledge. 12 MacBook Air laptops are being donated. 

7. Complete part 3 of We, the Voyagers: Lata’s Children documentary film series. The first film, We, the  Voyagers:  Our Vaka, and the second film We, the Voyagers: Our Moana are both available on Vimeo.  We seek donor support for  costs of making  the third film, We, the Voyagers: Our Family.  This film focuses of women and children in voyaging and  on re-establishing inter-island partnerships and networks, including with new partners internationally. 

8. Complete a voyage from Taumako, Solomon Islands to Vanuatu on a TePuke. In recent years the seasonal winds are fluky.  But this voyage will be made when the time is right.

9.  Complete and publish Sailing with Lataa book telling the story of the Vaka Taumako Project and  explaining  a wealth of never before reported voyaging knowledge taught by Kaveia, Jonas, and other women and men masters  of Polynesian voyaging arts.  Fundraising for completion of diagrams and supplementary video  sequences to be  included with the book, as well as writeup time for the authors, and for expert work  in  web publishing and  distribution.

10.  Fundraise for salaries, office space, and equipment for Honiara administrators of Vaka Valo Association.  They need to afford a room rental, communications data, laptops, video software, and salaries while they write  grant  applications and create programs and collaborations with international offices and students.

11.  Complete digitization and acquire protective storage boxes for all the video footage, photos, books,  and  voyaging valuables to be safely archived at Taumako.  Completion of the canoe house is required  (see above).


12. Complete design and registration of a WIX website for VVA. In August, 2020. VVA can take control and  begin load their own content. Fundraising for $25.USD/month cost to be paid by VVA.

*we aim to meet these goals between August 2020 and August 2022 to make vva self-supporting.

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