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November 13, 2020

Arica Film Festival has a big selection of Native/Indigenous films. If you want to watch and vote for We, the Voyagers: Our Vaka in the Nativa Pelicula category, here is the link:

Big thanks to Jorge Rodriguez - Roda and his cousin for translating the captions into Spanish language! If you want to see in English, German, or Polish languages just choose on CC. Vietnamese version halfway completed and Mandarin has only a few details to be finished.

Nov 8, 2020

Here is a link to No. California Explorers Club website: To see my zoom presentation "Voyagers Show Us How" click on "videos of past presentations" and then on October 30th. The pres is about 25 minutes. The Q&A is longer!

November 8, 2020

WE, THE VOYAGERS: OUR VAKA and WE, THE VOYAGERS: OUR MOANA to the IMEFF because ancient cultural knowledge, wisdom, and relationships with oceanic phenomena can help save us/our planet

Nov. 2nd, 2020

Meet the crew of Lata, November 7th


Includes exclusive introductory video by director Mimi George!

We are the living crew of Lata, the Polynesian culture-hero who built the first voyaging canoe and navigated across the Pacific. We use only ancient designs, materials, and methods, and we invite everyone to reconnect with ancestors and sustainable lifeways. 

-Introduction by director Mimi George (5 MIN)
-We, the Voyagers: Our Vaka (57 MIN)
-We, the Voyagers: Our Moana (57 MIN)

Location: ONLINE

Ticketed Event: Member $5 | General $10 | Ticketholders will receive a private link and unique password to view the online presentation at 12:30 PM on the day of the program.

TICKETS: Online or onsite. Questions? E-mail or call 714.567.3677. Proceeds benefit Bowers Museum Education Programs. Tickets are non-refundable

Enjoyed presenting to the Explorers Club of No. California. Talked about lessons learned from various practitioners of ancient voyaging knowledge - to give context to We, the Voyagers films

October 31, 2020
October 26, 2020
Latest photos of constructing the S.V. Lata. Ocean People Inc (the Mann Family) are on schedule for early 2022 completion. So we are raising funds to buy the safety and communications equipment, and to pay travel costs for some Taumako crew to come to Hawaii to train at maintenance and sea trials, then deliver this 11.6meter long proa to Vaka Valo Association of Taumako in May, 2022.
October 25, 2020
Thank you ICA Film Festival - for accepting OUR VAKA in ICSFF, and also for entering our poster in the Best Poster Award contest.
October 17, 2020
OUR VAKA has been submitted to this Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.
October 17
And also submitting WE, THE VOYAGERS: OUR MOANA, part 2 of the doco film series. Any and all donations or awards from these films go to support Vaka Valo Association voyaging culture programs of Taumako.
October 17, 2020
WE, THE VOYAGERS: OUR VAKA was just selected for Cutting Edge International Film Festival. They like films with new talent, new content, and deep meanings.
October 12, 2020

Another GRAND PRIZE for We, the Voyagers films from the great ARKHAIOS Film Festival. We loved every film in this festival. Thank you ARKHAIOS !

October 3, 2020
WE, THE VOYAGERS: OUR VAKA will screen with Spanish subtitles in this wonderful Chilean Film Festival
September 26, 2020
Live Q&A with Mimi George, co-Director of We, the Voyagers, Grand Prize winning Feature Film

Join Mimi George, co-Director of We, the Voyagers, the Grand Prize winning Feature film at the 5th annual IMFF.

Marianne “Mimi” George, PhD, is a cultural anthropologist and remote, blue-water sailor who supports revival of ancient voyaging practices. George documented the articulation of spiritual power in the ritual cycle of Austronesian people of Papua New Guinea: the experience of a small, mixed gender group wintering a sailboat in frozen in Antarctic sea-ice and doing scientific projects and as photographer for National Geographic Magazine; ancestral voyaging connections of sea-hunters and herders both sides of Bering Straits; and the efforts of Polynesian elders to continue an unbroken chain of training new generations to build and navigate using only ancient materials, designs, and methods in the SE Solomon Islands. George cruised, raced and delivered sailboats for 15 years, sailed with Dr David Lewis for 13 years, and with Paramount Chief Koloso Kaveia for 16 years.

Ocean People builders made 2 beautifully curved stem assemblies for proa SV LATA
September 21, 2020
September 11, 2020
Here is a link to all the films to be screened online in the 2020 International Maritime Film Festival September 25 - 27. Both We, the Voyagers films won the Grand Prize for feature film. Both will be screened in sequence. In a short introduction and special interview we will fully acknowledge the great filmmaking work of Taumako leaders, actors, writers, directors, producers, narrators, and translators. We are fundraising for Taumako filmmaker Daisy Mahaina to create the final film in the 3 part series.
5th Annual International Maritime Film Festival
September 4, 2020

This photo shows the frames aligned for the strongback of the 11.6 meter long main hull of the proa LATA. Next week Ocean People of Honokaʻa Hawai`i Island will begin planking the hull. We are fundraising for airfares and safety equipment for some Taumako crew to come to Hawai`i to learn maintenance and sail her home to Taumako.

August 24, 2020

Wind names on Vanikoro island (Solomons)

This map shows the names I collected for winds in Teanu, the main non-Polynesian (Oceanic) language of Vanikoro island, in eastern Solomons.

Most of these names are clearly borrowed from a Polynesian language – due to the long tradition of seafaring upheld by Polynesian navigators until recently. The island's Melanesian population, established there since early times (Lapita?), must have once lost their ancestors’ longhaul seafaring technologies – including wind names. When Polynesian navigators came into the Temotu region, a few centuries ago, Vanikoro islanders borrowed from them the whole system of wind names again.

August 23, 2020

Happy to announce that both WE, THE VOYAGERS films, OUR VAKA and OUR MOANA, are selected for screening in Arkhaios Film Festival Oct 5 - 11.
August 17, 2020

Model of Tepuke Canoe from Taumako

Amazing what Kyle made from combining some photos. This model was made by the late Abraham Maone of Taumako. There are others, like Fox Boda, who make fine models on order, or for their grandchildren to learn with.

August 13, 2020

Kyle McDonald, Daisy Mahaina, and Dr. Marianne George

Artist-programmer Kyle McDonald, Daisy Mahaina from the Vaka Valo Association (a community-led Pacific Islander traditions society, based in the Solomon Islands), and cultural anthropologist and sailor Dr. Marianne George are undertaking an examination of natural phenomena with supernatural undertones. Their project will use new technologies to document ancient Polynesian navigation techniques, including “Te Lapa”: a faint burst of light that emanates from land, but has never been recorded.

The project aims to build a custom camera rig that can sense this very faint light, and capture the first-ever video of Te Lapa. Documentation resulting from the project will serve as a pedagogical tool. McDonald, Mahaina, and George’s project is called Te Lapa: Polynesian Navigation Illuminated.

August, 11 2020

This August 9th photo shows the arrival of 6 people back home in Reef Islands...nurses and school workers. In early June they departed Ndeni Island for Reefs in bad weather. They swamped in heavy seas and drifted until coming ashore at Ulawa in late July. The Provincial Member has pledged to provide a new boat (about 7 meter fiberglass canoe) and engine. This is why a 38ʻ (11.6 meter) proa that can sail and have 13 hp auxiliary diesel power will be so helpful for Vaka Valo Association and for people of Temotu Province.

August 7, 2020
Ocean People LLC continue making many proa parts - cut, epoxy, join details, and set aside. End of this month, when the strong back is ready, all will be assembled into the 38ʻ long main hull. This Vaka Causey will support educational seagoing programs of Vaka Valo Association of Taumako. We fundraise now to buy safety gear and equipment to pass maritime inspections.
Todayʻs progress making panels for 38ʻ proa for Vaka Valo Association.
July, 21  2020
Susanne sanding bulkhead panels for construction of 38 foot (11.6 meters) proa being built for Vaka Valo Association as a support/service vessel for Lata Voyaging Culture School. First phase of building is making frames and bulkheads. Soon phase 1 will be completed. 6 more phases to go before proa structure is ready to outfit with safety equipment and required communications.
July 26, 2020

Pasifika Film Fest 2020

Good news is: WE, THE VOYAGERS: OUR MOANA has joined WE, THE VOYAGERS: OUR VAKA to be screened in the PFF2020, on many islands on the same day!

Visit Pasifika Film Fest Website

July 9, 2020
Cutting the first main strength bulkheads (frames) for the 38ft Taumako Oceanic Proa.
Time-lapse of progress building "Vaka Causey" proa by Jack and Susanne of Oceans People. Meanwhile we fundraise for all required communications and safety equipment for vessel and crew

June 25, 2020

This festival plans to screen films at various islands of Oceania. We are honored that We, the Voyagers: Our Vaka is one of the films selected.

June 23, 2020

Vancouver International Women in Film Festival

Submitted We, the Voyagers: Our Vaka. Hoping VIWFF knows that audiences love seeing how women figure in this story about the seafaring descendants of the greatest human migration.

June 21, 2020

Friday Harbor Film Festival

Both We, the Voyagers films submitted "Our Vaka" and "Our Moana" Looking forward to being with our Pacific family in these islands.

The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival
Looking forward to next year screening We, the Voyagers: Our Moana. Hoping for donation to pay travel costs of Taumako filmmaker Daisy Mahaina to be at TAC, represent her community, and describe her efforts to create Part 3 film to complete the We, the Voyagers series.
July 13, 2020

Guam International Film Festival

We, the Voyagers: Our Vaka and We, the Voyagers: Our Moana, are submitted to GIFF. Hafa Adai!

Learn More

July 14, 2020

Hawaiʻi Community Foundation (HCF) & Pam Omidyar Trust Grants 

THANK YOU Omidyar Ohana Fund of the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation (HCF) for a 10,000. grant, and the Pam Omidyar Trust for a $20,000. grant! 2020 – 2021 programs of Vaka Valo Association.

2020 – 2021 programs of Vaka Valo Association are preparing TO LAUNCH these 4 programs of Vaka Valo Association:

1) Build a new voyaging vaka to replace the TePuke destroyed by a cyclone in March

2) Complete building an escort vessel (in Hawaiʻi) to support training students sailing TePuke in Solomon Islands.

3) Build a permanently roofed Canoe House for the Cultural Voyaging School, with solar power system (there is no electricity, phone, or other communication service there), and an archive, office, video lab, and student accommodation. With These accommodation would make it possible for foreign students to study at Taumako, and for Vaka Valo Association to support their own cultural voyaging programs.

4) Complete the third and final part in the "We, the Voyagers" film series, to be distributed worldwide. Acting Executive Director of Vaka Valo Association, Captain Luke Vaikawi, will make a trip home from his work residence in Honiara to Taumako, for planning meetings of VVA members and board of directors. This trip will take 1-2 months, depending on weather. Vaikawi hopes to begin travel in August. He will also go to Vanikoro to confirm the condition of the TePuke damaged by the cyclone in March, and discuss options for rebuilding or building anew in collaboration with Vanikoro community members eager to build a vessel for their communities. VVA will confirm agreements for the site registration, design, and local materials availability for building a Halevaka structure, and for installation of satellite communications and solar system.

Vaikawi will be accompanied by the Administrative Assistant (bookkeeping, budget control, and secretarial tasks) to VVA, and the appointed videographer of VVA, Daisy Mahaina. Mahaina is just completing a class in filmmaking and will begin to film what is needed to create and edit part 3 of the We, the Voyagers film series (see them on Vimeo. The tentative name of the film is We, the Voyagers: Our Family.

The costs of travel and communications between Honiara and Temotu, and with outside supporters, are extremely expensive and will take up all of the new grant funds. However the result will be that all the 4 projects and VVA admin will be launched!

July 8, 2020

Third “Pasifika Living Treasures” Nomination


We are very happy to announce the third nomination for our initiative “Pasifika Living Treasures”! Thank you, Dr. Mimi George, cultural anthropologist and Director of the Pacific Traditions Society, for the nomination of Te Aliki (Chief) Jonas Hollani, chief builder and navigator from Taumako Island in the Solomon Islands. The Taumako people are Polynesian people and are one of the last few groups in the Pacific who still hold the traditional navigation knowledge. Learn More

July 8, 2020

Proa support/service vessel for Vaka Valo Association

Here is a video message from Tim Mann, as he started cutting frames for the proa support and service vessel for Vaka Valo Association. See previous posts with plans and CAD images. This vessel should be completed and delivered by June, 2022. Could be earlier with more funding. We are also fundraising to outfit the vessel and bring a few Taumako crew to Hawaiʻi to train & sea trial, then sail it home.

July 6, 2020

Raising the Sternpost ~ Sailcargo inc.

Such a great project by wonderful organization! We hope we can find support to engage them to build a 20 meter proa cargo vessel to serve SE Solomons and remote island region of SW Pacific. They would welcome and train Taumako participants.  Visit Website

June 25, 2020

Class 5 Cyclone damages Te Puke

Lashing TePuke in 2016. The class 5 Cyclone this year damaged it at Vanikoro. Need funds to buy foods to feed crew to repair or rebuild the TePuke ASAP.

July 6, 2020

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

Offering We, the Voyagers films (Pacific Indigenous) to BSFF in Montana.

Visit Website

June 17, 2020

Women & Children

Need support for Daisy Mahaina of Taumako to film women and childrenʻs roles in building traditional voyaging vessel. Big thanks to Women and Film Festival for screening We, the Voyagers: Our Moana ... the real "Moana" Here are filmmaker interviews from the festival:

Feb 26,2020

Construction Paused

Construction of the this proa for Vaka Valo Association was suddenly paused because of COVID19 issues. Tomorrow Oceans People of Honokaʻa, Hawaiʻi Island begin cutting the frames. We will post photos and news of progress.

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