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Testing experimental camera rig and drone offshore of Kailua Kona

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

We tested the experimental low-light camera rig and drone 4 nights about 15 - 20 miles offshore of Kailua Kona on awesomely dark nights. Donʻt think the camera recorded the lines of light that we saw with our eyes. Considering new designs to mount the camera with itʻs complex gimbaling devices. Best camera will be ready for the next attempt.

Additional comment: Thank you for your posts Tony Brunt. In the one you posted today it is so good to read that Mayta Draeger observed, and navigated by a light path in the deep sea...and Shorty saw it and corrected course with it in view. In fact back in 1998 Meph saw it from a plane heading for Honiara when flying over north coast of central Guadalcanal. She and the man from Reef Islands saw it together. I saw it after they alerted me. But I think they saw brighter flashes. I was seated on the other (mountain) side of the plane so I could not watch constantly as they could. In any case it does not really matter if a camera can record it or not. I donʻt feel like the existence of the lapa has to be "proved" to anyone and this is not going to be the measure of our success in trying to video it. I think the most important goal is to draw attention to the stories by those who were trained in it, and those who have seen it, and those who have navigated by it...keeping in mind that some traditions do not talk about it publicly.

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