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Missing open vessel found by police

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

UPDATE: Manuopo Police reports that they found them. All aboard are safe and resting at Nifiloli! Oliefa Atu!

And many thanks to those who contributed to purchase fuel. Having fuel promised to searchers was key to successful conclusion. Congratulations to efforts of all involved!!!!

They arrived in Lata yesterday evening and were well fed and embraced as only people who were feared lost can be. I hope Luke Vaikawi will write the story of this most recent episode of small open vessels drifting, employing a tarp sail and paddles, and only just making it ashore to a most leeward island in Temotu. For now they rest and Luke and crew prepare to set off for Taumako as soon as readiness and conditions allow.

Original Post: Search and Rescue focused on locating an open vessel that departed Taumako 2 days ago with 6 souls on board and never arrived at Lata, Santa Cruz Island. Luke Vaikawi is coordinating with Police. There are no planes available to search and huge area of possible drift. Donations for purchase of fuel for vessels to search are welcome via donate button on Vaka Taumako Project page on Facebook.

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