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MACFEST~Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Taumako Voyagers Are Coming to MACFEST - (Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival) in Honiara July 1-10. A voyaging leader, 2 youths, and 2 elder experts from Taumako, plus some Honiara-based Taumako community members, will: 1) demonstrate voyaging skills every day: *Weave sail mat panels. * Sew panels into sail * Make coconut fiber and inner bark cordage * Adze a steering blade 2) help launch the website by UNESCO * show video clips of wayfinding knowledge from the newly revised website * discuss how the site can become more useful, inclusive and interactive 3) join the 2-day Youth Workshop by ICHCAP (ICH = intangible cultural heritage) * share ICH activities, aims, and concerns with other Solomon Islands youths COME MEET THE VOYAGERS of TAUMAKO ! THANKS TO UNESCO!

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