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Women Can Train to Bring Support for Voyaging at Taumako

Three women who have been working to help build the new Te Puke voyaging canoe at Taumako, are volunteering to go to Reef Islands to take a training in Virgin Coconut Oil production.  They volunteer because if Taumako can establish a Virgin Coconut Oil business it will give support to the families who spend their energy and time building canoes and teaching young people to sail them.  Taumako has a lot of coconuts and there is a great demand for Virgin Coco Oil.  If 3 women can get trained in the coming month or two, Oceanswatch plans to bring all the equipment needed to Taumako next October.

The 1 week training and accommodations for the three women is promised by Oceanswatch to be donated free of charge.   This is a great opportunity for the community, for the women, and for the voyagers of Taumako to get a sustainable income going that will support the voyaging school.

The cost of transport from Taumako to Fenualoa and return to Taumako is about $2,000 USD – for OBM fuel, oil, driver, and canoe charter.   The daily cost of food for each women will be $35.  For 3 women for 7 days this totals $735.   The cost of radio communications/coordination for travel will be $60.   The total we need to make this happen is $2,795.  If you’d like to help, please visit

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