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We, the Voyagers: Our Moana at Culture and Diversity Film Festival in Los Angeles

We, the Voyagers: Our Moana was appreciated in the wonderful Culture and Diversity Film Festival. Soon we can post videos of Mephʻs introduction and the Q&A at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood.

Congrats Jacob Penchansky and Dixon Wia Holland! Great thanks to Serge Marcil and 4D Media on Kauaʻi, without whose generosity and superb editing skills these films would never have been completed. Daniel Jacksonʻs animations wowed them too. Mahalo to Dale and Liz Bell for filming and Rich and Marlene for driving all the way to Hollywood to attend. Mahalo to all the filmmakers whose great films were in this festival. Hanohano Taumako voyaging heritage. All this is in support of Lataʻs crew.

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