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Video: Lashing a Te Puke voyaging canoe

In this video, students at the Lata Voyaging School lash the riser box onto a traditional Te Puke voyaging canoe using coconut fiber cordage.

Lata Voyaging School includes 54 men, 35 women, over 70 children, including 33 full time students. The students are young people who have no employment options and who are learning good work habits and practical skills. They labored 14,208 hours to complete this Te Puke, which will be named Vaka Causey at the launching, in honor of one of our generous donors. When there is good weather we will make sea-trials and train crew members for Holau Vanuatu – the long voyage from Taumako to Vanuatu.

We need support urgently to buy rations for the crew and materials to build a shelter for the canoe, a solar system to light it up, and a laptop and BGAN unit to bring educational materials and basic communications to our islands. Our aim is to welcome and teach everyone who wants to learn the ancient arts of Polynesian voyaging.

Please join our crew and donate what you can by clicking here, or by using the Paypal button at the bottom of this page.

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