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Tim Tan of Honiara makes 4 Aloko blades

Tim Tan of Honiara made these 4 Aloko blades for smoothing the outside of a hull or a flat surface, or for cutting a tree by using it like an ax. Tan followed directions of Nathaniel Leiau of Taumako. Tan also made 2 Tupa Aloalo (the smaller ones), which are straight ended blades for cutting inside the straight part of the hull. Now we are searching for steel blanks that are curved, so that Tan can make Tupa Au, which are used to cut away in the ends of the hull where it is hardest to work. Tupa are lashed so that the blade can move within the lashings and cut to the side or cut to the top depending on what is needed. No need relash, just move the blade within the lashings.

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