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Luke Vaikawi resigns VTPSI/VVA and confirms HVTA

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Luke Vaikawi, Executive Director of Holau Vaka Taumako Association, the charitable orgranisation, has approved posting of the first and last parts of his letter of resignation from VTPSI/VVA. Here they are:


"In accordance to and in respect of Article 10, sub sect.10.7.2 of the VTPSI/VVA Constitution, I, Mr. Luke Vaikawi, the interim Executive Director and a Permanent Board member of the VTPSI/VVA, hereby, submit my resignation to the VTPSI/VVA Board and members and the VVA association from communities of Makapao, Hleitu, Tetoha in Taumako Duff Island and Tamno and Mbele in Nifiloli, in the Reef island as spelled out in Article 5 of the VTPSI/VVA Constitution."

"Let us unite to work for the culture we long to retain and revive. Let us uphold humaneness in creating a culture of harmony with people, communities and institutions in Taumako. Let us build Taumako and not be a mockery of our ideas and intents. Let truth prevail in Taumako."

"Finally, I wish to thank members who supported and trusted me in managing the VTPSI/VVA from July 2019 to this date. I am indebted to all of you and I now tender my resignation effective as of date."

Capt. Luke Vaikawi,


Holau Vaka Taumako Association,

Taumako Duff Island, Temotu Province

For explanations of this or for the full letter contact Luke Vaikawi directly. He is back in Honiara after an August 10 - September 22nd tour in Temotu, including 17 days at home in Taumako and Duff Islands.

Temotu Province

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