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HVTA members building the computer lab structure at Takulu kainga of Taumako

In January, the Executive Director of Holau Vaka Taumako Association, Luke Vaikawi, took these photos of HVTA members building the ʻcomputer labʻ structure at Takulu kainga of Taumako. This structure is additional to the Halevaka structure that will be built during next months when there is transport for some materials that must come from Honiara. The solar power system for the computer lab is still in the big box until a solar electrician can come to properly mount the panels on the roof and wire for the system for use with the laptop that have been donated and will be sent to Taumako next available transport. Lukeʻs camera battery went flat before he could take photos of the completed structure, with sturdy floor and window frames ready for the louvres that will come on next transport from Honiara. We are researching best mobile WIFI (BGAN) unit and data costs It would be great if internet comms could begin at the same time as the solar system and laptops start working. Then anyone could communicate directly with HVTA and us Hawai`i helpers can get out of the way. THANK YOU to the generous donors who are making this possible!

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