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Holau Vanuatu – Voyage to Vanuatu


Voyagers of Taumako, SE Solomon Islands will sail their ancient vessel to North Vanuatu because they want to:

  1. re-connect long separated families and communities

  2. re-open the ancient sea-roads of Austronesian and Polynesian voyagers

  3. renew trade and cultural sharing

  4. demonstrate ancient navigation methods and sustainable environmental practices

  5. document the voyage, and publish in print, web, and video dvd products.


Starting November 1st the crew will stand by for the right wind, to sail from western Ndeni (Santa Cruz Island) to Vanualava Island. The voyage should take between 2 and 4 days, depending on the wind.

Urgent Need:

  1. We are seeking a support vessel to escort TePuke from Sta Cruz to Vanualava, then transport 6 crew back to Santa Cruz.

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