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Attend the Pacific Traditional Boat Builders Regional Workshop on February 15th and 16th

At last, a trans-Pacific workshop to talanoa sustainable vessels, and what works and could be most helpful now in traditional and hybrid designs, materials, and more below:

"The GIZ Pacific Low Carbon Sea Transport Project is excited to collaborate with the Sustainable Sea Transport Initiative (SSTI) this year for the Pacific Traditional Boat Builders Regional Workshop 2022.

The Traditional Boat Builders Workshop is scheduled for this February and will host participants from all around the Pacific where joining will be traditional navigators and boatbuilders from around the world."

The main outcome of the workshop is to share experiences and practices among boat builders in the Pacific, and discuss common challenges and ways to overcome them. The contribution of boat builders from other regions, as well from navigators, will feed into the discussions and contribute to expand perspectives for traditional boatbuilding in the 21st century.

The two-day event will host a number of sessions that will include Leveraging and Promoting of Traditional Boat Building, Innovation for Sustainability Challenges and Regional Cooperation, Tradition and Innovation and also a Joint Declaration by the Boat Builders as they close off the first-ever traditional boat building workshop for the year.

We are looking forward to partner with SSTI!


Under the bilateral cooperation between the governments of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and the Federal Republic of Germany, the GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation) is implementing the Low Carbon Sea Transport Project with its efforts to pursue a transition towards a low carbon fleet for the Marshall Islands, operated by crews that will be trained at a Maritime Training Centre."

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